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7 Seeds Botanicals 101

Who we are:

We are a small, family-run Hemp business based and licensed to operate in North Carolina. It's just us everywhere you turn, every step of the process. We do it all!


How we grow:

All of our hemp is organically grown.  No artificial fertilizers, No herbicides, and No pesticides used ever! We don't want anything unnatural or artificial in our hemp. Happy plants make better products!



Our Philosophy:

 Here at 7 Seeds Botanicals we care very deeply for the health of our planet, which is why we prefer to use manual methods of farming over the gas-guzzling, machinery dependent practices that are so common today. We take care of the land because it takes care of us. We believe it's our obligation to the future!


We also believe that Full Spectrum CBD products should be affordable. We still vividly remember the frustration of having to forgo the hemp products that helped so much in our lives, solely based on the cost. C'est la Vie! That's why we are dedicated to providing quality Full Spectrum CBD products at prices low enough for everyone to be able to experience the balance that cannabis can bring into your life.


Find your balance

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